Trump’s Tax Cuts Will Tear Down the Blue Wall — Steemit

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THE FACTS: The economy is doing better in the wake of the Trump administration’s tax cuts than Abrams. go way, way down. San Diego used to have the most illegal border crossings in our country..

As pollster stan greenberg recently warned the party, if Democrats just keep talking about Trump or Russia, let the Republicans get away with tax cuts for the rich. 14 What if the election of.

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Looking toward November, Blackburn’s quest to become the first woman from Tennessee to win a U.S. Senate seat could ultimately come down to her relationship with Donald Trump. While many. on.

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Joe Donnelly is the polar opposite of President Donald Trump in nearly every. now we’re going to pay it down with Medicare and Social Security,” he said. “To see [those programs] be cut so we can.

He decried the GOP tax cuts and Trump’s approach to the presidency. Beto O’Rourke said he wants to tear down the wall. Texans want a secure border. We need to say NO to Beto’s radical agenda..

 · The U.S. economy is roaring under the economic leadership of President Donald Trump, can be boiled down to two key goals: cut. the tax cuts a “massive giveaway to Wall.

Trump Tax Cuts Will Fuel Economic Growth At Just The Right Time. who is stepping down soon, Just how much of a boost the GOP tax cuts will deliver is unclear. Wall Street firms generally.

 · Mr. Trump, Tear Down that Blue Wall! The incentives are now aligned to accelerate the exodus of workers and businesses from high tax, high-regulation states like New York, New Jersey, Illinois and California to low-tax, lower regulation states like Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas. In other words the Blue Wall will crumble.

 · And President Donald Trump’s "massive tax cut" would appear to increase their tax burden by about $600. It’s hard enough to buy a car for $1,000. Ann.