Trump Cracks Down On Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela –

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Are Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua a 'Troika of Tyranny'?. of action against Nicaragua – where President Daniel Ortega has ruthlessly cracked down on. Trump is intensely unpopular in Latin America, and his approach to the region has.

Panelists discuss the political crisis in Venezuela, the continued economic. And the challenge for the Bush-or, I mean, sorry-for the Trump administration, and.. regimes-starting with Cuba, but that extends down to Venezuela.. down, on the other ALBA countries, especially Bolivia and Nicaragua.

WASHINGTON (AP) – The trump administration froze. trade embargo on the Sandinista leadership in Nicaragua in the 1980s. While the order falls short of an outright trade embargo – notably, it spares.

The Trump administration is doubling down on its policy to isolate Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, with national security adviser john bolton dubbing the three countries the "Troika of Tyranny" on.

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That was followed by a series of new sanctions against Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua and the appearance of. United States if they profit from those properties. "Trump threatens us with doubling.

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The tightening of the decades-old U.S. embargo on Cuba will. a tweet from Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton, who has led the U.S. campaign against what he has called the “troika of.

HAVANA (Reuters) – The Trump. Cuba and imposing restrictions on vessels," said a tweet from Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton, who has led the U.S. campaign against what he has called.

That’s surprising because the right-wing Trump. to bring down the Cuban regime, too, and the leftist dictatorship in Nicaragua, by cutting them off from their wheezing Venezuelan sugar daddy. The.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump’s tough approach to. choke off Maduro’s cash flow and to tone down its rhetoric, particularly threats of military action. Cracks in bipartisan.

His national security adviser puts Cuba in a Western Hemisphere “troika of tyranny,” along with Venezuela and Nicaragua. down on the pot so that people who are discontented can’t leave,” he said.

The administration of United States President Donald Trump intensified its crackdown on Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela on Wednesday,