Settlement Servicer Details

The request criteria can be for a single Settlement Run Custom Filter based on Reference, or all Settlement Run Custom Filters Get_Stop_Items This Web Service Task allows you to get Stop Items based on ID, or a combination of organization, stop item status, stop date, payment, payee, payment category, and the payment reference number.

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 · The FTC has also published details of the settlement on its website. Equifax’s CEO called the incident "an attack on consumers and an attack on America" on the conference call.

SSI’s insight into the working of class cases from the beginning to the end allows us to offer a variety of services to ensure the settlement process is streamlined and cost-increasing complications are avoided. For details on the services we provide, follow the links below. Pre-Settlement.

LenderLive Settlement Services is now Covius Settlement Services. To learn more about our technology-enabled services, visit our new website at

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