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Photo: Li Hao/GT The silver sewing needle is not typically used to prick and pierce human skin, which is far more resilient than cloth. You Ling (pseudonym) had to push harder, yet still gently, to.

Red Thread Advocates spoke with WACAP staff to discuss the recent changes in the adoption requirements from China. WACAP helped us make this "chart" which explains the way they have interpreted the new rules. Please know that this might not be the way that all agencies are interpreting the policies, and it seems that waivers can.

It’s not too far into 2016 to revisit a predication for the year made late last year. Back in December, Steve Millidge from C2B2, made the prediction that 2016 would be the year of Java EE.

Red Hat has taken the leadership role of managing Java 8 and Java 11, under the guidance of technical lead, Andrew Haley. This role appears alongside Oracle’s focus on future Java releases moving in.

Taking a brief moment from the mountain of "to do’s" to catch my breath. This is quite a mountain I am attempting to climb with the impending move to China in 19 days, but I find comfort in the thought that it is not as daunting as the adoption or the medical battle I went through to get Abbey. I wanted to share a red thread story with you.

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The very popular .net developer utility,NET Reflector, written by Lutz Roeder is being taken over by Red Gate Software. The news was announced on Lutz’s blog and the download was immediately.

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We will traveled back to China for adoption trip #6 in January 2013. This time God blessed us with 3 lovely daughters from China! Mia is 12 years old, Melissa is 9 years old and Madeline is 8 years old now. We feel so very blessed to have these darling girls in our family!