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Home Downsizing 101. There’s more than one way to reduce housing costs. You could improve your home’s energy efficiency, or refinance your mortgage, or start doing your own landscaping. But arguably the most effective one is to downsize. That means selling your big old honker of a home and buying something smaller.

Future Residents; Eight Tips for Downsizing Your home. august 10, 2017 Moving into a retirement community is a big transition in life. It’s important to take everything that made home feel like home with you when you leave. But it’s impossible to move everything.

Over time, you can then decide if you wish to donate or sell the items you have yet to use. What’s Up with All This Junk? During the packing phase of your downsizing project, you will find that you have a ton of junk that is never used nor, will it be used. When you live in a home for years, it is common to accumulate ‘stuff’.

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Top Tips: If You’re Moving and Downsizing, Get Ready to Clean out the Junk! If a move is in your future, whether due to work or personal reasons, getting rid of all that household junk will be the first priority.

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When you’re ready for home downsizing, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit AAA Rousse Services. We’ll help you with any junk removal and much more. We’ll help you with any junk removal and much more.