‘That boy’s finger does not need to be on the button’ Um:. U.S. Rep. Geoff Davis, a Hebron Republican, compared Obama and his message for change similar to a "snake oil salesman" [at a Northern.

Ms. Holland is correct, Dr. Henry crossed a line here and it’s not a fine line. It’s an oath he took when becoming a physician. Diane Brumback has an interesting twist to this story on her blog this morning, calling for Renee True to remove herself from this campaign.

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Millions world over has gone buoyant over the first black president in the White House – Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. His swearing-in as the forty-fourth American President on January 20, 2009 has skyrocketed enormous expectations and hope to move ahead from an awful economic condition, to necessitate the end of an unwinnable and unpopular war and to get rid of the policies of a vindictive.

Couric: Sexism more common than racism. On the 17th floor of the Tel Aviv Hilton, Haaretz catches up with Katie Couric, currently in Israel for Obama’s foreign trip. In Tel Aviv yesterday, she.

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Fred Thompson took his first official step today toward becoming a candidate for president, filing papers in Nashville to set up an preliminary "test-the-waters" committee. The move allows Mr. Thompson, a Republican and former senator from Tennessee, to begin raising money and hiring a staff.

Issue: Whether the Eighth Amendment bar on cruel and unusual punishment prohibits capital punishment for the crime of child rape. Issue: Whether, under Tennard v. Dretke (2001), a court may consider the lack of any causal connection between potential mitigating evidence and the crime in determining.

 · LOUISVILLE, Ky. – A group of 431 people sickened by the diet drug fen-phen should be allowed to collect a $42 million judgment from their former attorneys who pilfered a massive settlement with the drug’s maker, the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled on Thursday.

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Lawyers for Patrick Kennedy, a Louisiana man who received a death sentence for raping a child has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to have his case heard before the justices. Kennedy’s legal team wants the court to declare Louisiana’s law allowing the death penalty for child rape unconstitutional.