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Picasso: Creator And Destroyer by Arianna Huffington –  · I had read my first book on Picasso already when I was a teenager and it was the well-known Life with Picasso’ by Françoise Gilot. I could not understand back then why actually Picasso got married to that Russian ballerina Olga Koklova. Now I know it thanks to this very thorough and systematic biography by Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington.

Celluloid Club: Dinner and a Movie Archive – Under the eloquent narration of Willem Dafoe, Mountain follows the history of man’s fascination with mountains from ancient times of reverence and fear to modern times of recklessness and flagrant disregard.A quote from the story says it all: Mankind’s view of the forbidding peaks went from “Mystery to Mastery,” but not without the mountains taking their toll of revenge.

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The rise & fall of Golden Boy – It was said that he had the grace and effrontery of a ballerina, and radar in his fingertips. and a brief period on the dole in the 1960s did not dampen Wilf’s cheerful spirit. One of the last jobs.

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Story Blog: The Otherside Of Midnight – –  · The otherside of midnight PROLOGUE Athens 1947 Through the dusty windshield of his car Chief of Police Georgios Skouri watched the office buildings and hotels of downtown Athens collapse in a slow dance of disintegration, one after the other like rows of giant pins in some cosmic bowling afley. ‘Twenty minutes," the uniformed policeman at the

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